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Cosmetic Dentistry in Hesperia, California

When the need arises for a cosmetic dentist, contact Robert A Myers, DDS in Hesperia, California. We can help with discolored, chipped, malpositioned or broken teeth.

Crowns & Bridges
Crowns are placed when the teeth do not have enough tooth structure to support a filling. A crown covers the entire tooth to protect it, and the crown can be made of a variety of materials, such as porcelain, gold, or nonprecious metals.

The crowns allow you to keep your tooth functional. It involves 2 appointments, and the crown is designed specifically to fit your tooth by the laboratory.

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Bridges are a conservative way to replace missing teeth. The bridge is cemented into your mouth by using the 2 teeth on either side of the space. A bridge can be cleaned and cared for like a natural tooth, allowing for ideal chewing. Bridges can be designed and shaded to match your existing teeth.


Removing amalgam silver and replacing with composite

Cosmetic Dentistry

We also offer cosmetic dentistry. If you are suffering from discolored teeth, poorly-positioned teeth or broken teeth, Robert A Myers, DDS can restore them with direct bonding or porcelain crowns.


We also offer teeth-whitening services. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation for this cosmetic restoration service.


We use the current composite microfilled material that has excellent bonding capabilities. We shade it to match your teeth.

On your initial evaluation appointment for you with X rays, Dr. Myers will recommend any restorative treatments. 

When you're suffering from a toothache and the only solution is an extraction, don't put it off. Visit Robert A Myers, DDS as soon as possible.

We perform extractions in our office. After the healing, we can discuss with you a replacement for the tooth that was extracted.

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Implant Dentistry Services

Specialty services are available for implant placement for single and multiple teeth. Applications are also available to use under an existing loose fitting denture.

 Contact us in Hesperia, California, to learn more about our general dentistry services.